Shafts Seals & Bearings

AES has a wide range of Shaft Seals and Bearings for all your needs. AES deals in all range and companies. Have a look at our shaft Seals and Bearings.


ManeCraft EM and EY Small Craft Seal

The ManeCraft seal is designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of today's Pleasure and Commercial craft. ManeCraft incorporates the wealth of experience gained by Wartsila, leaders in the development and manufacture of seal for Naval and commercial shipping. Wartsila seals are used on applications as diverse as submarines and semi-submersible oil platforms to aircraft carriers and super-tankers

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ManeBar E Series for small to medium shafts

The ManeBar E Series seals are designed for robust and reliable service in small to medium sized vessels such as trawlers, coasters, dredges, tugs and offshore supply vessels.These extremely durable seals completely overcome the limitations of packing and stuffing boxes which are associated with worn shafts or liners, leaking gland plates and continuous maintenance. Design simplicity provides maximum sealing with leakage virtually eliminated. ManeBar seals accommodate large axial, radial and angular movements

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Envirosafe Bearing

Envirosafe is harder than rubber and elastomers

The propeller shaft bearings are some of the most critical components on a vessel that can affect performance. Wärtsilä Envirosafe is the culmination of years of research and development, collaborating with yards and owners around the world to develop a superior composite bearing material for the marine industry.

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Enviroguard FSE and PSE Seal

The Enviroguard FSE and PSE seals are a face type seal for high performance applications. Available in both fully split (FSE) and partially-split (PSE) designs with an elastomeric body and Silicon Carbide interfaces. The FSE and PSE seals are particularly suitable for high speed vessels, offshore supply vessels and other high powered vessels such as tugs and trawlers. The FSE and PSE seals will accept misalignment, vibration and large axial movements. For applications with open sterntubes the inboard seal an emergency seal for safety, survey and maintenance purposes. The Enviroguard FSE can be fitted and serviced without removing the shaft, thus reducing the installation time to a minimum. The Enviroguard PSE features split spares meaning the seal can be serviced without removing the shaft.

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Rubber Bearing For Water Lubricated Applications

The Ecosafe WRS is a rubber bearing designed specifically for water lubricated applications. It is made from a specially tailored nitrile rubber compound. Designed to withstand high levels of abrasion and wear, the Ecosafe WRS is suitable for use in blue or brown water conditions. Design excellence The advanced design means that the shaft has minimal contact with the bearing because a thin water film is created by water entering the bearing through the grooves along its length and moves radially between the propeller shaft and the bearing face.

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